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the cinnamon peeler's wife

10.29.2004 at 1:04:00 AM

haphazard notions

what a long day. i have been in a bad mood most of the day and little things have gotten on my nerves. that is not normal for me and i really hate when i get this way. sorry to the people i may have snapped at today, my bad.

but i do have fun and exciting tidbits to share:

1. went to the kerry rally tonight. saw bruce springsteen (can we say BRUCE!). the atmosphere was so electric- thousands of people, i felt the tension in the air, five more days. kerry tried hard to be folksy and used a buckeye gimmick to 'connect' with people. but hey, he isn't bush. ok funny line from kerry, when the crowd was chanting 'out-source bush', he replied "sure we can out-source him, but what can he do for anyone?". true, so true. (sidenote: there were these idiot bush supporter frat boys, hanging around the perimeter, taunting everyone. on the way out the good old kerry fans gave them a good beating, what can you say- it is ohio state! go bucks!)

2. watch the new eminem video: mosh. very anti-bush, quite well done, and even supported by moby! really watch it, and read the lyrics. eminem, who would have known?

3. must mention the red sox- wow what a sweep! the curse is gone, no more complaining from any new englanders. the curse of the bambino has been lifted, at least that is what they found at his grave. boston fans are quite rabid, but i must say they well deserved it. i am surprised the rowdiness was kept to a minimum. now if only the cubs could win!

4. if you want to help in the campaign, please do go to moveon pac. they are doing awesome work. if you are in columbus, for the volunteers, there is a great rally with michael moore and the googoo dolls this saturday!

5. something fun: moviemaker. this thing is wicked cool. yes i used wicked (it reminded me of natasha1313). use it, make movies, i challenge you. come up with something funny and send it back to me! hours of entertainment!

that's it for now. must get to bed, but please remember to vote (and brush your teeth).

afterthought: my roommate made banana pancakes for suhoor! mmmmmmmm.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can someone be ill-tempered (like a sea bass) when someone 1) is up at suhoor with them 2) cooks for them 3)cooks banana pancakes for them ... you suck. normal people's suhoor consists of two advils and a swig of water...and perhaps an occasional krispy kreme.  


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