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the cinnamon peeler's wife

10.01.2004 at 11:12:00 AM

something bad has begun? or have we just been ignoring it all along

with yusuf islam and tariq ramadan being denied entry into the us, the recent bomb in the midst of so many iraqi children, and a suicide bomber in a crowded shiaa mosque in sialkot, i can't help but have a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach. as i sit here in a liberal, artsy, yuppie coffeehouse, i can barely swallow my overpriced latte. i just can't handle the absurdity of my life. i just go on day in, day out and lose my self in mundaness and frivolity so as to ignore the reality of everything. watching the debates and thinking about vacation, i feel like i am in one of those crazy surrealist landscapes of dali.

anyway find out more for yourself:

yusuf islam in his own words in the la times: something bad has begun.

slaughter in sialkot

35 children killed by bomb as they gathered to get candy

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