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the cinnamon peeler's wife

11.01.2004 at 1:10:00 AM


okay, busy with last minute election stuff, canvassing, etc. please go out there and vote. but since most of you are sick of hearing about the election, here is a hilarious bit off conan o'brien. okay so maybe it's a few weeks old, but it is still funny. i can't believe they sent him all the way to hyderabad! (woo hoo you get to see char minar).

note: you need winamp to play the clip.

Blogger dartman said...

This is my first surf of this blogger-thing (just signed up!!), and I am heartened to find this blog in my first dozen views (the others were love sick asian punkers - or so it seems).

I am located in Pago Pago, American Samoa (left the Boston area in 1977). Our mainstream media links are few and far between, AFRTS, Fox News, and ABC(Australia Broadcast Corp!!). I vote locally (an American Territory) rather than nationally, an important choice if you live here.

The Red Sox took the series (a tear in the eye-really!!) It is good!

Let's hope Bush is gone next Jan ... if you've been abroad at all, the world will not forgive the American People for another term of Bush/Cheney ... and I've only been in Friendly!! countries!

Rock on cpw ... I last had a beer with The Boss at a bar in Asbury Park,NJ in 1974 .... I think he might not remember!!  


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