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the cinnamon peeler's wife

3.04.2005 at 4:38:00 PM

kudos and cringes

kudos: to martha stewart for taking her prison time head on and not whining about it all over the press. sure she was in a federal minimum security place, but she was still incarcerated, it was no time off in the hamptons! her stock survived (and has been rising steadily) and her recipe for orange-chocolate lace cookies is still the best!

cringe: as if the story wasn't bad enough. mukhtar mai, the woman in pakistan who had been sentenced to gang rape by her tribal council, raised her voice and took the issue to court. well the rapists had their sentence overturned, with 5 of the 6 set free! the story just gets worse, with the molesting of her brother. her story is detailed on her website. interestingly a local imam stood up against the tribal council and used his pulpit to call for the authorities to take action. in the end mukhtar mai, along with supportive others, brought the case to court. it took a strong woman to bring such a case, and she used her monetary award to start a school in the village. now with the rapists freed she faces not only personal danger and but in one act the courts have announced to pakistani women that their rape is justified.

kudos/cringe: maria full of grace is a good movie, kudos. it explores the lives of columbian drug mules and the dangers they face. the cringe-worthy part is the number it will do on your digestive track. just thinking about it makes me gag.

cringe: my education symposium is killing me. why are speakers so finicky? why can no one give me a straight answer? who said third year was easy? i have no clue what is going on in my classes, as i am usually working on the symposium while sitting in class. why did i pick education as a topic? i don't care about education anymore! i just need to get past april 4.

kudos: damien rice, closer doesn't really have a soundtrack, but the one song at the end of the movie by rice: blower's daughter, is amazing. heart-wrenching actually.

cringe: i have to take the mpre next weekend. i just sat through a wonderful 5 hour review course. i can't imagine a better way to spend a sunny sunday afternoon. at least they tried to ply us with junk food. the best is the emphatically ridiculous examples: like if a juror is about to get hit by a bus and the lawyer on the case yells "get out of the way", disbar him right away- no de minimis contact with jurors. oh ethics.

kudos: thanks to lala i have been listening to sodastream and enjoying them greatly. those aussies are very cool.

cringing kudos?: so the brits at least are being honest that muslims will face far more scrutiny in terms of security. yes there is all that stuff about racial profiling, but if they are going to do it anyway, at least someone had the guts to be straight about it. and what did you think, that you could look like me and breeze through security? oh the joys of "random" searches.

kudos: i went to the sheetal boutique in bombay and now i saw their website. wow, their clothes are very unique and cool. very bombay in feel. ok a bit too pricey and midriff revealing for me, but fun to look at nonetheless!

cringe: my car is acting up and is at the mechanics. no transport, well at least there is the #2 bus. maybe this is a good thing, i am sure the walking is good for me.

kudos: to mafia and texas hold'em and hours of wasting time hanging out. yes it was lots of fun, with little sleep, and lots of laughs. alas my room is still a mess and my homework is giving me disappointed glares. aah another weekend in c-bus.

ethically yours (well at least as much as the aba requires).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can i have a kudos bar?  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

or will the kudos bar have me?  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i invented the internet. now i'm going to the bathroom to make sure i don't have any mint leaves on my teeth. hmmm...what did i eat? wouldn't you like to know. i still want a donut...  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you patent it?  


Blogger daniel said...

Sodastream are brilliant. They tour the US every few years, you should see them play live. Well worth it.  


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