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the cinnamon peeler's wife

1.26.2006 at 10:44:00 AM

dc- here i come!

the wait is up! i will be moving in a few weeks and thus posting will be resumed.

update- i just got back from chicago. will be in c-bus next week. then off to apt hunt in dc. then some wedding craziness for barbie.

any suggestions as to apts in dc?

i am excited. i am scared (a bit). i have to go shopping!

Blogger Azher said...

PENTAGON CITY!!!!!!! Who needs stuff like trees and character.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back!!

Good to hear you will finally be able to start work.

You should get in touch with Hoda for apartments in DC...she's been there a few years and probably knows other muslims who have leads on such things.

Hey, did you guys ever come to TX for that wedding? I wish I could have seen you guys!!

Can't wait to read more blog entries--this semester's study break for sure!!



Blogger LaLa2000 said...

hi syeeda! texas was saaad without you. :(  


Blogger hazzuda said...

did someboday say Hoda? i don't know anything about apartments...i know a little somethin' somethin' about ho though....get in touch with me!  


Blogger natasha1313 said...

ewww, pentagon city is so eighties!  


Blogger mikecollins02136911 said...

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Blogger LaLa2000 said...

mmmmm, juicy fruit. Please FIND ME A JOB!!! I wanna come to DC also. Thoughts of being unemployed in Cincy (which is about 97% probable) are making me a saaaad panda.  


Blogger broccoflower said...

Love your blog!! Good luck in DC :)


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