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the cinnamon peeler's wife

10.16.2004 at 10:24:00 AM

frontline online

have i ever mentioned that i truly enjoy pbs, and especially frontline. i think it is one of the few news magazine programs left on tv that is honest and intelligent. anyway, i have recently found (from the blog recommendation of a friend) that many of the frontline shows are online in their entirety. so if you have missed them, please check it out.

make sure to check out the latest one: the choice 2004. a great piece that explores in detail the lives of bush and kerry. in some ways it made me appreciate the kerry of the 70s and 80s a great deal. it definitely shows how similar their backgrounds are. also it shows the sharp contrast of bush as a frat boy, friendly, every-person type of guy whereas kerry is a thinker, intellectual, reserved, driven sort of man. i can see how each type resonates with a very different america. i personally like kerry as depicted in the show, but the average small town american may find this elitist and marginalizing. though bush comes from the same rich white boy club, somehow he is far more endearing to the common man. this is why we keep seeing kerry trying so hard to prove that he is every-man, with him hunting, wearing field coats, and having coal on his face. anyway check out the documentary, it is worth you time.

note: i have put up some new links and blogs for you all to check out. enjoy.
check out: a cool kid from columbus, charles mars, has made a great video called 'baghdad's nightmare'

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