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the cinnamon peeler's wife

10.12.2004 at 3:54:00 PM

phony populism places populace in peril

"The Republicans' phoney populism and constant insistence on issues of cultural identity - religion, hunting and tradition - take advantage of the fact that people have little time for social history."

a great line from an article by serge halimi in le monde (Bush's Appeal To America's Underclass). you can also find it on the znet website. which i recommend as regular reading. this line is one of the main reasons, i feel like bush is going to win.

some more from the article:
"Bush is very comfortable with people. He can deliver a message. He has this attitude which unfortunately America likes: 'Somebody hit me, I am going to hit that somebody in the butt.' He is not wise, but he is very very decisive even if it's sometimes stupid. I think he's a very formidable guy politically." Since 9/11 and the constant reminders of its horrors (repeated security alerts help to maintain the pressure) most Americans support the idea of a blow for a blow. And they expect their president to be prepared to take decisions."

and one last election funny...


Blogger Azher said...

yo fool I read this shizzle. intersting, have you seen the debate video of faraz's blog? I put a link to this on my blog, check out my new header.  


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