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the cinnamon peeler's wife

10.11.2004 at 1:03:00 PM

new (and exciting) post

yes i know the title is so original. driving in from chicago at 2am can do that to a person. fall break was fun and chicago was great. as my sister put it: sensory overload for four days straight. being back and seeing old friends is always nice. evanston was as beautiful as always. shopping adventures at woodfield, ikea, magnificent mile, and belmont were fruitful, if not tiring. i came back with more shoes than i left with, i know: bad, very bad. we ate at great places and i think i gained a hundred pounds this week. walker bros. pancakes- there is no comparison. this new sheesha craze is funny, however, i am not a huge fan. cute decors at most of these places. talking with a friend who just got engaged: he said he decided to marry the girl after talking to her 3 times for a total of less than 3 hours. amazing. i am happy for him, but still i don't think i could be that sure so soon. the chicago marathon was this weekend, another friend was running. i don't know if i could ever run for that long. i was told that the reason the marathon is 26.2 miles (instead of 26 miles- distance in greece) is that the .2 miles was added in london to make it to greenwich park. who knows?

the nobel prize in econ was awarded to two economists (Kydland and Prescott) for their work in studying new business cycle models and time consistency problems. Did you know that the Nobel prize in economic sciences is the only one not set out in Nobel's will? It was set up by the Swedish central bank in 1968. Also did you know that only the peace prize is awarded in Oslo? The rest are given out in Stockholm. By the way the two split 1.3 million dollars.

Oh, the capital of Turkey is NOT istanbul (as my admin law prof said today), it is ankara. yeah that was the moment i tuned in to lecture.

sidenote: things are getting worse in pakistan. some are comparing it to iraq with bombs, beheadings, and kidnappings. read more.

yes i know this post rambles a tad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your sister is as beautiful as she is intelliegent. (which isn't saying much) you should have pushed her out the window when you had a chance. it would have solved so many of her (and other's) problems. school is hard.  


Blogger wanderer said...

intelligent you may be, but spell you can't. someone needs to put back that screen on the window.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel like i'm in crisis. severe mental crisis. damn the man.  


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