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the cinnamon peeler's wife

11.02.2004 at 1:00:00 PM

nov 2: triumph of politics and populist anti-intellectualism over policy? you decide.

"In Broward County, Fla., this morning, a group of men set up a canopy under a tree in a parking lot outside a voter precinct in a union building, enticing voters with an unlikely breakfast of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, sodas, toast and jam. Many ate while in line and listened to loud blues music." (ny times)

mmmm. fried chicken sounds pretty good right about now. what an election day, the air is electric.

1. i drove to cincinnati to vote (wasn't going to chance absentee ballots), was at the polls at 6:25 am (right after suhoor). the line was already out the door and down the street. thankfully it only took 30 mins. checked for hanging chads and other such abnormalities, hopefully they will count my vote.

2. the lines are really, really long. a lot of people at school reported waits of more than 2 hours. for people who have to go to work or risk being fired, this is impossible! another way to dis-enfranchise the working class. (plus it is raining, a lot of soggy, unhappy people in line)

3. an estimated 15 million people have newly registered. however, skepticism about voter fraud is at its highest levels, ever!

4. at about 3 am, the 6th circuit court of appeals overturned the dist court, to allow republican challengers at polls. find out more about this and other election law at osu's special page.

5. thank you to all the people who called and emailed me this morning to remind me that i live in ohio and i should vote. thanks- i know and i remembered. (i even got international reminders- from my cousin in saudi to friends in the uk, everyone really cares about ohio, go figure)

6. i have this queasy feeling that bush is going to win. but jimmy breslin (of newsday) begs to differ. he forecasts a landslide by kerry, pretty funny. oh and even hunter s. thompson (yes of rum diaries)forecasts a win, or in his words:"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. We will march on a road of bones. Mahalo." or you can say bush is going to win and then plan for the future (or lack thereof).

7. i am monitoring tonight. hopefully we will know results tonight. well i can hope can't i? oh post your own election day story, i want to know how it went other places.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kudos fellow swing stater. as I was an absentee voter, my chads are currently littering my couch, oh the messiness of democracy. also as I am not in ownership of a television or the internet (the one gore invented) i am going to workout at the gym and watch their tv. as we probably won't know the winner till december, i will be burning a lot of calories, so at least something good will come of this election business.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

addendum/revision to previous comment: am no longer going to work out as old knee has pretty much given out. on the point of incapacitation. joy. instead am chillin' at the library and keepin' an eye on cnn.com's election updates. right now cnn says: bush 87 kerry 77. my head hurts.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC voted 97% Kerry, which was expected. Mass excitement last night. I believe every establishment with a tv was open late, following the election results. Did not even try to go to Cap Hill area. I actually voted the first week of Oct. CNN says Ohio is still open, NBC says Ohio is to Bush - what's going on? Actually know what is going on, that was more of a rhetorical remark. Harv is upset by the senate and house outcomes and keeps crashing on me. Maybe setting him up with Lala2000 would be a good idea. . .  


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