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the cinnamon peeler's wife

11.17.2004 at 1:23:00 AM

rated pg-13 for intense situations of peril

hilarious, have you ever heard a dumber rating. okay i watched 'the day after tomorrow' and yes it is a pretty dumb movie. but there are some funny parts, okay maybe only funny to me.

my fave line: the black kid is fixing the radio and someone offers help and he says i am the president of the electronics club, the math club, and the chess club. can you find anyone nerdier than me in this room? (i don't know i loved that line- i was the president of the math club)

okay and the americans illegally crossing into mexico, and the mexicans closing their border, and then all of latin america forcing the us to forgive their debt in order to allow refugees. i love the premise that the western world has to flee to the third world because they have heat!

ok don't watch the movie unless you are bored. but late at night it was kinda funny.

as for the premise of kyoto and global warming, we have been discussing arbitrations aimed at western countries that refuse to sign onto kyoto in international dispute resolution. an interesting idea, but i have little faith that it would work.

but really as for intense situations of peril- there are many all around us
read street's article on global warming and how in the shadow of so much social injustice many of us have forgotten that we are choking the earth as well.
also margaret hassan is presumed dead, it boggles the mind, even al-zarqawi called for her release. fisk's analysis of the situation is worth reading.
lastly, if you get a chance watch frontline's special on walmart, probably on your pbs station this week. with the new kmart-sears merger, the dynamics in this market are going to be worth following. additionally, with the mfa expiring in 2005, walmart is going to continue to push for cheaper textiles, not to mention using medicaid as their health plan. some folks in my labor law class go around handing out union cards in local walmarts just for kicks. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about all the poor pizza delivery drivers who are just beginning to put their unionization to work? are your law school friends helping them? are they? supposedly they will be gathering at a pizza hut in Columbus. I suggest you go and show support for the few, the proud, and the honda driving.(this is not to belittle any valid complaints pizza delivery people actually have)  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, so which do you think we'll accomplish first: end humanity by war and poverty etc or cause the earth to implode (or explode, if you like)? My money (of which i have none) is on the latter. t$ you should study not mess around on blogs. i do not want to see a single blog entry until the end of december!! calm down, breathe into a paper bag. don't forget to recycle or reuse it when you're done. :)  


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