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the cinnamon peeler's wife

12.03.2004 at 5:12:00 PM

drowning in school

yes it is approaching that time of year, you can smell it in the air, it's on everyone's mind- no not the holidays, no nothing cheery about this- it's finals.

thus i have been incommunicado for quite some time. drowning in work, here i am on a friday evening in the library. can we say sad?

i have not much to say unless you would like to hear about the Chevron doctrine on strong deference to administrative agencies, or complex sales contracts under the cisg, or mandatory arbitral tribunals under UNCLOS (they are cool, held in a wave shaped building in hamburg!), or the NLRA's newest take on secondary strikes. yes, i have a feeling that none of you would like to know about this stuff.

some tidbits which have managed to seep into my cave of studying...

(1) the us ambassador to the un (danforth) resigned. he was a strong proponent for darfur and a minister to boot.
(2) i chaired a simulation for a negotiation surrounding a un comprensive treaty on the environment, and let me just say that it is stressful. nations like to quibble and keeping them all civil and on track was a bit trying. but i like using a gavel!;)
(3)ice cream is a cure-all! since it is a stressful time and i have two female roommates, let's just say at this moment our freezer is chock-full of ben & jerry's
(4) over thanksgiving, i attended an engagement party, a bridal shower, and a couple other fancy-schmancy parties- i am tired of heels and small talk. (little did i know that everyone i knew in high school would now be driving an suv, living in the burbs, and taking the little ones to play group- aargh).

songs to listen to while i am studying:
wayfaring stranger- jack white
mere humnafas mere humnava- begum akhtar (written by shakeel badayuni, but sung best by begum akhtar)
silent sigh- badly drawn boy
island in the sun- weezer
the other side- david gray
lola- the kinks
last train to clarksville- the monkees
ghalla gurian- panjabi mc
all of ella fitzgerald's best of ken burns jazz cd
shams-ud-doha badr-ud-doja - nusrat fateh ali khan
another one bites the dust- queen
J'Veux d' la Musique- Les Nubians
one- aimee mann

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i told you that you should be WORKING not blogging. two finals and one paper down. one final and one paper to go. i'm trying to work now at a pretty library (you sort of expect like Henry VIII to come walking in or something) but mostly i want to sleep and eat junk food. if only this evil senioritis hadn't followed me to grad school. damn him. damn him to hell. cuatro dias mas! then i am going to veg in pjs and watch cartoons and turn off my brain.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am ekiwah - tell me more about you- how did you find out about me?

contact me on myspace or facebook if you wish

thank you for posting my poems  


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