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the cinnamon peeler's wife

12.15.2004 at 6:23:00 PM

pineapple tidbits

on the homestretch now... 3 down, 2 to go.
everyone in the known universe is already on break and yet i and the rest of the crazies in law school still have exams! what was i ever thinking? more school, a good idea... NOT!

so some tidbits while i should be studying, feel free to comment:

1. "how could anyone not have a dog, or a trust fund, or grape jelly?" (rerun in 'i want a dog for christmas, charlie brown') what a classic!

2. people from the uk, canada, fiji (?), singapore, brazil, and other far and distant places are visiting my blog. cool, and i thought it was only my 4 and 1/2 friends (two of whom are named anonymous) who ever came here. if you are actually reading this and are not just an accidental ip address (well even if you are), leave me a comment.

3. speaking of fiji, azher has got me addicted to fiji water. i know bourgi water should be shunned and should i not just drink the crap of the olentangy? but really, this water is so smooth! It is described as: "FIJI Natural Artesian Bottled Water comes from a virgin ecosystem deep in the South Pacific. This natural artesian water is known for its signature soft, smooth taste and well-balanced mineral content including a high level of silica, a youth preserving anti-oxidant." Well who knows if any of that is true, but hey i could use some youth preservation! plus i like how the square bottles stack in my fridge.

4. just finished my family law exam (only have labor law and international dispute resolution to go). but while studying the ramifications of no-fault divorces, i read the funniest debates between feminists and economists. being an economist by training (well okay it was my undergrad major at Northwestern, but it sounds better that way) i was loving how the Chicago-school economists reduced marriage to a perfect cost-benefit analysis. My favorite part was the astute observation that women depreciate far faster than men, backed up by extensive equations and utility curves. Duh, you don't need a U of C phd to know that. Maybe i should pass on the economic analysis to my mom...

5. I just re-read the end of The Alchemist by Coelho. It is beautiful. I recommend it highly.

6. While making my labor law outline, I watched Mean Girls again. Very funny and i like the random references to Evanston. I miss Walker Bros. I also like how the Asian stereotypes are becoming more nuanced. You have your hot/snobby asians, nerdy/dorky asians, math geek/dj/ghetto wannabe desi- so true. You all know that one desi kid who can tear apart the calc problem and is also the dj at the disco dandia. oh and of course token girls on the math teams- that was me. well maybe not token, i was pres of math club and captain of our academic quiz team in high school. what a nerdy life- you can guess where i sat at lunch. must forget calculus, must forget.

7. people are sending me christmas cards and it is funny how they all apologize for it. they want to wish me something but don't want to offend me. hilarious, don't worry i love christmas. i can sing all of handel's messiah! bring on the cards!

8. multiculturalism can work only in an authoritarian society? so suggests former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt. The idea of a leitkultur? Was sollen wir tun? Lesen Sie bitte.

9. i went to career services as all 3Ls without jobs do with some trepidation. i am applying for LLM programs so i have an excuse. But thought i should just check out the market. i can't believe they get paid to give out this advice. i am interested in international public law, so the lady tells my i should work on my family's international connections. what? i am from cincinnati, ohio. everyone my family knows is either a doctor or engineer. my family's international connections could get me some rice from a field in india, if that. what does she think: that i can call on my drug kingpin uncle or my vast terrorist network? hmmmm, maybe.

the turks are really obsessed with the evil-eye. it is on everything: shopping bags, jewlery, everything. i was at a restaurant and they have toothpicks with the evil eye on the end. anyway, i had lost my favorite evil-eye bracelet from turkey but thankfully it turned up, so nazar stay away! The evil eye is interesting because it is one of those things that almost every culture acknowledges in some form. Recently i stumbled across a book on its anthropology and folklore (The Evil Eye: The Classic Account of an Ancient Superstition). Interesting...

look out NLRA, here i come

Blogger naghmofo said...

hi i had to sign up for something.. but i don't know what for just to put a comment on your thingy....im boredboredboredbored bored... also i would like remind you that i am on winter break..but anyway i want to see the new wes anderson/wilson movie but it doesn't open until christmas.. have fun studying looser.. im on winter break and you are not.. also i am watching more law and order svu, this time its about a college age woman who dumped her baby in the hudson river.. which is also depressing . to be honest this show is a bit of a downer.  


Blogger Syeeda said...

salams tammy-g!!! how are you? thanks for posting today. i have been looking for an excuse NOT to study for my con law II exam tomorrow at 8:30 AM. it is SO painful to be here at the library trying to cram every little bit of information on the 14th Am Equal Protection Clause and Due Process Liberty into my head. the exam is CLOSED BOOK!! can you believe it? just trying to remember all the cases AND the justices is proving to be MADNESS. make du'a for me. this is my LAST one. i can't wait until tomorrow afternoon. i am going to get a mindless hindi movie and a delicious lunch from cheesecake factory (don't tell my husband...he will be jealous and will steal my food) and just vegetate on my couch. hey, i am coming to c-town on SATURDAY. will you be around? if so, email me and let me know. may Allah grant you tawfiq on your exams!! ameen!

much love and du'a...Syeeda  


Blogger Deanna said...

Salam T$,
I read your blog all the time. In fact, I check daily for new postings. It keeps the Slick & D connection alive. I miss you! Call me when you're done with finals.
Good luck inshaAllah.
p.s. Why are there references to Evanston in Mean Girls?  


Blogger wanderer said...

props to all of you for commenting promptly.
yes naghu svu can get depressing, try the original instead. thanks for signing up or you could just be like the posters anyonymous 1 and anonymous 2 (cough cough rubi 'n sa-hore) who continually comment without signing up.
syeeda, you will rock your exams! just remember scalia and framer's intent, etc., etc. i will be here till tuesday! i like the cheesecake/hindi movie plan!
d: mean girls takes place in evanston, our old stomping grounds. nothing can separate slick'n'd.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with posting anonymously, it shows depth of character and great breadth of knowledge. Also ten bucks says the only reason nagmofo signed up is because she didn't realize you could post anonymously. Hope all the exams are going well!If it makes you feel better I only get one week of winter break.  


Blogger Azher said...

i can't believe you are actually soliciting comments this blatantly. you have to actually post something interesting. I am so dissapointed in you tammy, so much so that I'm going to have to ask all of your traffic to redirect itself to my wonderful blog (www.xanga.com/azthebaz) and see how much better of a contributor I am to the blogistan!  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your anonymous friends are your prettiest and most marriagable friends. and naghmofo is stupid. kidding. i think he/she (as i do not know said person) is pretty as well. and marriageable. (i also do not know how to spell or read or write but i can fly so that's gotta be worth something.) i liked mean girls the movie. also like starsky and hutch. i want to see that again. peace out mofos.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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