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the cinnamon peeler's wife

12.18.2004 at 1:58:00 PM

quick internet fix

since most of you internet junkies are on winter break and have nothing better to do than watch cartoons (the audacity!), i thought i would share some interesting links. many thanks to those who passed them on to me, thus giving me an excuse to take a break from studying. whoever made up that lie that the third year of law school is easy, needs to be shot or at least flogged.

* black bush: so what would happen if bushie junior was black? an interesting proposition, well leave it to dave chappelle to answer. i know this is a bit old, but i just saw it recently and it is still hilarious! can i say that the black tony blair rocks!

* your very own south park character: i miss natasha1313 almost as much as i miss south park. sorry, if it was you or the cable, i think you would go first. but she passed along this gem which will occupy you for quite a while.

*amar chitra katha: i loved these comics as a kid and i have a huge stack of them somewhere at my parent's house. i am not ashamed to say that much of my knowledge of hindu mythology came from hours with the mahabharata and vedas sets. i was very excited when i saw they had a website!

*cyber warfare: i thought the in-fighting between muslims was already bad, but now they have taking it to takfir hacking! recently the muslim wakeup site (a liberal/progressive bunch) was hacked by a group calling themselves the Islamic OxChallenge Brigades. they, somewhat cleverly, changed the site to "Murtad Wake Up". i didn't know that in their opinion stopping something evil includes hacking. well those guys must have been following the website closely as they have plenty of details (if they hated it so much why didn't they just stop reading?). anyway, though it was sad, i just couldn't help laughing. we are now fighting websites? please just turn off your computers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

azher is trying to kill me...again.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if i'm being dissed for cable, it better be for digital cable. also i have the rough guide to bollywood, except its the french version so it has all the same songs, but the title is "La musique du Bollywood" the guy who sold it to me referred to it as "tres exotique, n'est-ce pas?"  


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