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the cinnamon peeler's wife

6.14.2005 at 4:01:00 PM

and now for the famous disappearing act...

i apologize for being missing in action, but as the picture attests- i have been slightly busy- studying. okay pretending to study and also roaming a bit. but now i am in buckle down mode: class 4 hours a day and trying to study at least 6-8 hours more. let's just say barbri and i are getting pretty close. also, since i am giving you excuses- i haven't been taking my laptop to school so that i would be less enticed by the wireless web and thus no posts.

what have you been up to for a month? you ask curiously... or you should be. i will succumb to my list obsession and my law school training and fill you in... (outline style that is- you already knew i was a nerd)

I. Law School
A. Finals
1. Four Tests
a. Copyright
b. International IP
c. Professional Responsibility
d. Fourteenth Amendment
2. Outcome
a. i can't believe i took my last finals!
b. hopefully i passed, but as of yet i have no clue
c. somehow i managed to do pretty well in copyright
(the only grade posted)and yet i never cracked
the book- i swear i skipped class and never read.
this is not good for my already slacker attitude on studying.
B. Graduation
1. Funny Hats, Weird Velvety Robes, and a doctoral hood
(that was placed upon each one of us one at a time- boring, yeah).
2. it was very hot but beautiful none the less downtown
at the historic Ohio Theatre
3. family and friends in attendance- nice;
the t-money cheer when i walked down- awesome
4. richard goldstone, a justice from south africa's constitutional court
spoke- he was amazing. most people thought him boring (because he
actually spoke about substance) and others all disagreed with him
(because he dared to criticize american foreign policy). his points
were quite poignant, sad that the audience was so lame.
5. you can see some pics here (i checked to make sure i am not there,
but there is a sweet family portrait of sunshineykittens).
6. i can now say i have a juris doctor (only to have all the MDs and
PhDs glare at me), to get that esquire behind my name, gotta pass
the bar (how pretentious can it get?)
C. Graduate Classes
1. just last week i turned in my Arabic Paper for my classical quran
class- writing it was painful, but i think my prof had a soft spot
for me- cuz i got an A for some really crappy stuff
2. i still have a grad paper left, but luckily i can turn it in after
the bar- oh yay more studying
II. Wanderings
A. Chicago
1. Partners in Crime
a. Road trippers: SunShineyKittens and Lululee
b. Host: LaLa
c. A Cast of Thousands
2. Attractions
a. Burr Ridge
b. Belmont
c. Devon
d. Hyde Park
e. Evanston
f. Michigan Ave.
g. Wicker Park
h. Random Sheesha Bars, Bowling Alleys, The Lake, etc.
i. Greektown (yeah right)
3. Lessons learnt:
a. alienation and narcissism- not such good things
b. spiders are scary, especially when lululee is driving
c. don't eat at clark's on belmont- but do go to karaoke on belmont
d. lala's neck likes the wind
e. getting lost in chicago can use up a lot of camera film
f. well priced sushi = good, seedy sheesha bar = bad
g. don'’t buy socks, they will give them to you at the bowling alley
h. uchicago students could use a good tan
i. wishbone had great food and wacky decor- they call it southern
reconstruction cooking- just eat the crab/salmon cakes.
j. cramming so much into 4 days is exhausting
k. so on and so forth
B. Washington, DC & Northern VA
1. Partners in Crime
a. Flight Buddy: Lululee
b. Rendezvous Girl: Lala
c. Hosts: Natasha and NaghMo
2. Attractions
a. Georgetown
b. DuPont Circle
c. Herndon
d. Alexandria
e. Leesburg
f. Many miles of highways, byways, interstates, back roads in VA,
MD, and DC
g. Wegman'’s, Charcoal Kebab, Cake Love, Random Pool Halls, Parks,
and so much more
3. Lessons learnt:
a. What isn'’t Wegmans?
b. Aadha Chocolate, Aadha Vanilla
c. Naghs is a rhyming genius
d. Wonder Showzen + Muslim Kryptonite = amazing
e. i am not meant to see the end of dodgeball
f. you can eat a lot in 4 days
g. sephora is free entertainment for 100 hours
h. directions are for losers
C. Cincinnati
1. i go there a lot- but this time i had fun- mt adams was nice
2. eat at teak
3. barbecued anything is better
D. Location for the indeterminate future:
1. library, columbus, ohio, usa, world
2. (while my family is traversing the globe going to russia,
india, turkey, indonesia, singapore, and malaysia- i better
get some damn good souvenirs.)
III. New Acquisitions (shopping is a good studying reward)
A. Purse(s)
1. i located a fun cheap summer one
2. also picked up some knock-offs on m street in dc
B. Shoe(s)
1. very comfortable ecco sandals (a little too pricey, though)
2. nine west tan heels at leesburg outlets (my search was finally over)
3. now i am in the middle of a shoe moratorium
C. Watch
1. i have been in search of this scarf watch thingie for weeks
2. looked for it in 4 cities and finally found it in DC
3. i love it and keep getting compliments
D. CDs
1. Get Behind Me Satan- The White Stripes-i love this album, get it!
2. Picaresque- The Decemberists (okay I stole this from my sister)
E. Assorted Graduation Gifts
1. Money!
a. By far the best (gift certificates are okay too) and most received
b. Hint, hint to all others
2. Gold
a. of the very shiny bright desi variety, thanks,
but not really my cup of tea
F. Camera!!!!!!
1. this is what i am most excited about! i finally decided and ordered
it this weekend- expecting it in the mail! i looked at a lot of them
and researched different types. i decided not to get an slr after all-
with all the lenses and accessories, a good slr would be well over $1000.
i am into photography, but not that into it. I didn'’t really want just a
point and shoot. So I considered the "‘prosumer" large zoom cameras,
including: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 and FZ5, Sony DSCH1, Canon
PowerShot S2 IS, FujiFinepic S5100, and the Kinoca Minolta Z5. so most of
them fell out of the running fairly quickly. I finally decided on the
Canon PowerShot S2 IS. Both the Canon and the Sony just came out and after
looking at a lot of reviews and comparisons, I decided on the Canon. I am
very excited- you can read a thorough review here. I will let you know more
when it arrives.
2. just some digital camera observations: people are really obsessed with
megapixels. i thought most people would see through the hype, but at
every store, people who didn'’t know that much were running after the
7 or 8 mp cameras. I decided on a 5.1 mp with a 12x optical zoom. Most
point and shoots have 3x zooms and for the average user 8 mp is useless
(unless they are making posters of their party pics).
3. nyt has a nice short article for very novice digital camera users, it
is a helpful and quick read.
A. Hell
B. I wasn't cut out for studying
C. Please resuscitate me on July 29.
D. I hear there are no exams to become a short-order cook.

my new toy (thanks mom and dad!)...