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the cinnamon peeler's wife

10.19.2005 at 5:59:00 PM

the life of a bored boring bore....

aaah you would have imagined doing nothing to be sublime. perfectly sublime. like a perfect sunset on a beach with lazy waves lapping and frosted drinks in your subtly manicured hand. (imagine a loud screeching sound)


nothing like that at all.

since the age of 13 i have always been busy. every year, every weekend, every summer- i have either been in school or working. when i did take a break it was either a stressfully short one with the family or a vacation somewhere filled with things to do. maybe i just don't know how to do nothing. maybe i am just not skilled enough for it.

i have stayed away from blogging because (a) i didn't want to bore you with my boring life (b) my internet connection at home is horrid. now due to the begging of some (mostly law students with nothing better to distract them than blogs- don't worry i am jealous!) i have come back to post.

now to be completely honest the beginnings of my extended break were quite fun-filled. i partied a lot, i traveled a couple of places, and saw lots of fun people. but abruptly it ended, everyone went back to their normally scheduled programs and i was left in a non-stop boring reality show that is my (non-existent) life. since i was stuck in a catch-22 (my job said we want you right away and thus you can't go to london- and right away in their minds is some distant/near future- as soon as they summon me- fortunately london let me defer), i decided to take time off, go home, and do nothing.

sounds good, right? wrong. there is only so much sleeping, reading novels, moping around, hanging out with my parents that i can take. i now officially have given up getting dressed. i live in work-out clothes/ pajamas. because mostly i workout and sleep. i do some work for my dad (which let me tell you can barely keep me awake- but it pays).

let me leave you with the highlights:
- i have re-watched every (and i mean every) Sex & the City episode (that's a whole lot of Monolos let me tell you)
- i purchased health-insurance (to make sure i could do nothing in complete wellbeing)
- i read many many novels (i started with all the intellectual ones like Kundera and Marquez- now i degenerated into the pulp that i can skim in a couple of hours- read all those random Shopholic books- they are an hour read, two tops)
- practiced reading Urdu with little kid books (had to read story entitled: Choti Gaajar ki Shaadi Beigan Se- translation the little carrot's wedding to the eggplant)
- attempted to brush up on my Arabic and German
- bought makeup at MAC (which is absolutely unnecessary since i don't leave my house)
- watched every stupid DVD in my library
- got a personal trainer to make me workout even more
- cooked dinner, lunch, and baked multiple batches of cookies
- become everyone's personal assistant (i now get calls from uncles and cousins with requests- since i am doing NOTHING)
-watch cheesy sitcoms all day, especially The Cosby Show (that's for you sehar)
- get told everyday that i need to get married
-organized all my junk
-the list goes on, but i will spare you the details. it isn't that i am not invited to go random places, it is just that i am so bored that i don't feel like going anywhere!

besides this pretty much nothing. if i have not returned your email or calls- please forgive me. my life has become this engulfing pit which refuses to let me come up for air. i think about calling/emailing you and then i realize that explaining my pathetic existence will take too long and my parents will probably call me in that time to program the vcr for them or something. so until more sporadic and crazy adventures ensue- i can not promise much posting. i apologize.