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the cinnamon peeler's wife

1.12.2005 at 11:02:00 PM

i have no energy

i know that my blog has not been updated in quite a few days. i do have lots of ideas for new entries. but i am being lazy. i think i have the seasonal disorder, without sunlight i am so tired. everyone who talks to me thinks i am dying. no i am alive just don't want to move. i feel like i am drained of all my energy.

it was very hot today: yucky and muggy. it is almost midnight and currently the temperature is 61 degrees! in the middle of january?

i just had cake from mozart's. yummmmmmmmm.

as a consolation, i will leave you with a funny clip entitled "gay boyfriend" (especially for all you single girls out there)

p.s. i will probably be in dc this inaugural weekend, should be exciting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have to come to DC! come to DC, come to DC, come to DC! also it is supposed to be in the thirties so therefor not muggy and very january like except w/out snow.  


Blogger Azher said...

why is that I think that the gay boyfriend think just might not work for you?  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want a gay boyfriend. no, actually i want a straight boyfriend who will become my straight husband. kudos on the not posting too much and spending that time putting your real life together. though i suppose you could have spent more time finding me a straight husband, but nobody's perfect. ('cept me and good ol GW...)  


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